Free-standing bathtubs

Relax and have a moment just for yourself….


Countertop washbasins

A daily routine full of style.


Lanzado Collections

With our help you will create your own kingdom.



A brand that makes dreams come true

We will help you equip the bathroom, which will be your asylum, a place where you will have a moment for yourself. With a long bath you will forget about stress, relax and unwind.

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Why we?

Our priority is you. We try to take care of your comfort and satisfaction with our services. We are constantly expanding our offer, looking for products that no other brand has. Thanks to us you can rediscover things that are already well known to you, although different.

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Each individually and entire collections.

Daily life

With our bathroom ceramics, you start and end your day with a smile on your face. Your daily routine full of style.



Comfort does not always go hand in hand with appearance. However, with us, appearance without comfort does not exist.



Sometimes all it takes is one look to know what you want. One distinctive thing can make making a decision trivial.



Everything you need at your fingertips. No need to move, do what you do and more, just at your fingertips.



The best of the solutions, to deal with stress can be a walk, or a long and hot bath. There is no better way to relax and forget about the worries of the day.


Lanzado collections

Explore them all.